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Idriss Adam, 30 years old tchadian migrant worker, native to N’Djamena. He drove to Libye 9 years ago where he learnt the job of building site vehicles’ conductor. «Because of the situation in Libya I do not feel safe anymore. I did not get my last salary. All I could save to bring back home after a 9 years stay is in this bag (showing his bag on the ground). I do not want to come back to Libya, ever. I will look for other jobs, somewhere in Africa. I arrived yesterday in the port. I was hidding in the camp of my company in Hidjabya, since the beginning of the revolution. My first intention was to drive back to Tchad through Koufra but some volunteers came to advertise about a boat which was going to leave from Benghazi port. So, here I am. I feel sorry to go back to Tchad only with one bag after 9 years of work in Libya. that’s a terrible loss but for many people, it is worth. / Refugees and workers living in Libya fled into northern Egypt after repeated violence directed at refugees and migrant workers in Libya.

Carles Vila Rovira

Periodista y fotógrafo. Apasionado por las imágenes en blanco y negro y el fotoperiodismo que cuenta una historia con una sola imagen.

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