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Las claves del éxito en la comunicación de Taylor Swift

Miquel Pellicer 5 febrero, 2024

La hoja de ruta de Will Lewis para liderar The Washington Post

Miquel Pellicer 28 enero, 2024

Jeff Jarvis y la evolución del periodismo en la era de la IA

Miquel Pellicer 16 enero, 2024

ByteDance, la empresa detrás de TikTok, quiere revolucionar el mundo de los fármacos

Miquel Pellicer 8 enero, 2024

Sobre Threads y la evolución de las redes sociales

Miquel Pellicer 28 diciembre, 2023

Los 100 mejores artículos sobre comunicación de 2023

Miquel Pellicer 26 diciembre, 2023

Cuando el New York Times perdió el rumbo

Miquel Pellicer 17 diciembre, 2023

Axel Springer y OpenAI anuncian una alianza para fortalecer el periodismo con la Inteligencia Artificial

Miquel Pellicer 13 diciembre, 2023

3 Comentarios

  1. HÉCTOR M GUEVARA 25 junio, 2014

    Soy reportero gráfico independiente y tengo interés con todo lo relacionado al periodismo, me gusta aprender y creo que su sitio me será de mucha ayuda
    mi mejores deseos

  2. Robert J Silva 22 julio, 2014

    I am sorry but I don’t know the Spanish language. I am the former husband of Maria Leonor Garcia, daughter of Lucas Garcia, former pay master at Corchos. We were married in 1966 in San Jose, Ca. where we lived for the 24 years that we were married. In 1979 and 1990 we made trips back to Santander to visit. It was one of those trips that my sister in-law Elena Garcia, who also worked at Corchos presented me with a gift of a scale model of the Spanish Naval training ship Juan Sebastian De Elcano. It was built by a fellow employee of Corchos at Elena’s request. I believe your paper wrote an article about this and also published a picture of the model. The headline read «Juan Sebastian De Elcano bound for Canada». The Canada part was an error. I should have been California. I had a copy but somehow over the years it is missing. Maria Leanor will be making a trip back to Santander on August 10th and be there until January. If you were able to obtain a copy of the article I would greatly appreciate it and Maria Leonor could pick it up when she is there. Thank you very much for your time.

    Robert J Silva
    942 Sapphire Ct.
    San Jose, Ca. 95136

    1. Miquel Pellicer 29 julio, 2014

      Hi, Robert. What is my paper?


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